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Rs. 199.00

  • Product Description
      It's TIME to change the narrative. 
      Female condom also known as an internal condom is a contraceptive that acts as a barrier to keep the sperm from entering the uterus. It's bigger than the male condoms and needs to be inserted inside the vagina.

      Female condoms can be worn for upto 8 hours and women don't have to be turned on to wear this condom.  Do you know the best part? You don't even have to stop and wait midway ;) Meant for uninterrupted pleasure.

      Domina is one such product that not only takes care of your pleasure, but also takes care of all your pregnancy and STIs. It comes in a unique design with a width of 75+/-2mm. Made with natural rubber latex, the condom is electronically tested, guarantees no side effects along with a great experience with a sweet lavender fragrance. 

      Directions to use: 
      1. Unwrap
      Take the female condom out of the sachet. Make sure you do not use anything sharp to open the sachet. The inner sponge should be inserted inside the vagina along with the condom, and the outer ring should be around the opening of the vagina.

      2. Time to ride it in! 
      Fold the sponge with your thumb and index finger to make it long and narrow. Identify a position that is easy and comfortable to insert. You can choose to squat, raise a leg, or even sit on a toilet seat. Female condoms need to be inserted inside the vagina before any contact occurs between the vagina and the partner's body to prevent any infections.

      3. The deal breaker 
      Place the index finger on the inside of the condom and push the inside bracket ring (sponge) as far as it goes. Ensure that the condom is not twisted. The outer ring should remain outside of the vagina.

      Things to take care of:
      • If the condom seems to slip out of the vagina, immediately stop and check.
      • Guide your partner's penis to make sure it enters correctly.
      • To remove the female condom after use, twist the outer ring and gently pull out the condom.
      • Do not use female condoms more than once.
      • Don't flush your condom. Wrap the condom inside the free disposable bag to put it in the garbage.
      • Do not use condoms after the expiry date has been exceeded.
      • In case of a leak or a burst, seek immediate medical assistance.  

      No form of protection, including female condoms or male condoms, provides 100% protection against pregnancy and STIs.

      Store away from heat and direct sunlight in a cool dry place.

      Natural Rubber Latex may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock, when/if the user is allergic to latex.