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Pee Safe Disposable Breast Pads – Pack of 24

Rs. 319.00 Rs. 399.00


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Pee Safe Disposable Breast Pads – Pack of 24

Rs. 319.00

  • Product Description

      With motherhood comes a lot of joy, a bundle of responsibilities, and some initial discomfort as well. Pee Safe disposable breast pads address one of those discomforts and help you stay dry when you are not feeding. To avoid leakage, it draws milk away from the skin into the pad. It is a must-have for every new mother. It becomes one with the body, which means it is not visible once you are dressed. The wetness is absorbed instantly by the dry top layer and any milk leakage is prevented by the breathable waterproof tissue. Comfortable and discreet, these disposable breast pads are specially designed to help you stay dry and comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Get this product right away and keep all your worries at bay!

      Key Features:
      1. A pack of 24 leak-proof breast pads; Individually wrapped, Hygienic and dermatologically tested
      2. These pads are invisible under clothing and have elastic sides for a perfect fit
      3. Strong adhesive tapes nonslip tapes to keep pads in place and Symmetrical protective groove prevents leakage from the sides
      4. Breathable and waterproof protective layer film provides a powerful protection to ensure the clothes are dry and breathe freely
      5. Micro Cushion gives ultimate comfort

      Pack Of: 24 pads