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Personal Hygiene Pack By Peesafe

Rs. 500.00 Rs. 999.00


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Personal Hygiene Pack By Peesafe

Rs. 500.00

  • Product Description
      • This amazing bundle consists of - one 50ml toilet seat sanitizer spray, one 105ml natural intimate wash, 10 natural intimate wipes, 25 panty liners, and one 10ml feminine cramp relief roll on
      • Peesafe natural intimate wash brings a perfect care for your intimate parts as it ensures complete prevention from infections, bad odour, irritation, itching and other health hazards
      • Peesafe toilet seat sanitizer spray disinfects the toilet seat and protects you against germs, without leaving any residual or stain over the toilet seat
      • Peesafe panty liner helps you keep fresh and dry all day long these are light-absorbent in nature that protect from unexpected flows and help with surprise periods as well as common discharge
      • Feminine cramp relief roll on is a 100 percent herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous and instant relief from muscle cramps during menstrual days