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Suman Nathwani

Woman Bold Multi Color Silk Robe

Woman Bold Multi Color Silk Robe

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Lounging around at home has never looked so good or felt more luxurious. Lounge in these styles in the most relaxing way possible.

A wrapping gown is a super comfortable ensemble to relax in over any of your nightwear or you can easily wrap it around you and get ready in style.


- Full length wrap gown

- Sleeves extend below elbows

- Front-tie waist

- Side Pocket

Size Chart:     


Satin Silk : Is the most common type of silk, and the one we generally think of when we think of silk. The name refers to the fact it is manufactured using the 'Satin' weave, giving it a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface.

Wash Care: 

- Hand wash and Machine Wash both are suitable.

- Medium Heat Iron 


Delivery Time: 

- If available in your size - it's ready to ship. 



None of the accessories displayed in the pictures is shipped with the product and is purely for decorative purpose only. We do not accept exchange or returns on these items.


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